C Power company implements projects in electrical Medium-voltage Switch-Gear and transformers and also delivery and installation of Busbar trucking system.


We import to Israel Medium voltage Switch Gear, transformers cast resin or Oil immersed and also design and delivery of Busbar trucking system We perform projects from the stage of design import and installation and all according to the IEC standard.

C Power put top priority the issue of customer service, we are available 24/7 for customer service and running a repairs team that addresses at fault.

We have the experience and available inventory to supply transformers and high voltage switch-boards immediately for urgent malfunctions.

We at C Power advocate working with the leading equipment in Israel and Europe, Leading brands and quality equipment that give peace and security to the customer. Equipment has been tested at External laboratory and meets the most stringent European standards.

Contact Details:
Phone: +972-526211181    

Fax:     +972-49531181       
e-mail: office@c-power.co.il  


טלפון:  04-9531185  | פקס: 04-9531181
דוא"ל:  office@c-power.co.il
 כתובת: בניין משרדים "כוכב יוקנעם", פארק הייטק יוקנעם 

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